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Adress: 127411, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 110

Phones: +7 (495) 788-18-32


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The batch production of Prom Composite is successfully applied in radio electronics, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, automotive industry, defense industry and in various fields of national economy.

Our main aim is to increase reliability, decrease mass-dimensional characteristics of products, and reduce labor input and material inputs during the production of parts, assemblies and units. Improvement of these indicators is reached thanks to production modernization, mastering of new highly effective manufacturing and processing techniques of articles made of composite materials.

Since 2010 Prom Composite has been producing following:  

- a panel set of Shar ("Sphere") Radome (Ø 6.4m)

- a radiator cover Lineyki ("Ruler")

- a radome panel ("Pantsyr" Radome)

- a radome for the autonomous unattended repeater ANR-1

- a reflector of DMRL-C Doppler meteorological radar (Ø4.6m)

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