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In 2011 we developed and produced a wing, a stabilizer and steering controls for "Ivolga" 12-seat wing-in-ground effect system of the "river -sea" type.

In the framework of this project our experts have developed and produced the assembly units and attachments required for production thereof. It should be specified that all the units have successfully passed tests in China.

Wing of "Ivolga"Aileron of "Ivolga"
 Wing of "Ivolga" 12-seat wing-in-ground effect system of the "river-sea" type  Aileron of "Ivolga" 12-seat wing-in-ground effect system of the "river-sea" type

Nowadays we have experience in developing and making fins and rudder of composite assemblies for SU-31 sports plane.


All the units are designed and manufactured together with skilled designers of Sukhoi Design Bureau where nowadays static tests on vertical fins are being prepared for conduction.

We are also planning to launch the production of other composite units for SU-26/SU-31, such as fuselage panels, stabilizers, elevating rudders, ailerons.

We conduct properties tests on composite materials (to define physical-mechanical characteristics), and destruction tests on accompanying sample (witnesses sample) parts. We also carry out strength calculations.

The winged "Ivolga"The winged "Ivolga"
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