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Reflector of DMRL-C

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The reflector of DMRL-C with a surface diameter 4.6m, weights 244 kg (NB: an aluminum reflector of the similar sizes weights 460 kg!), it is completely made of composite materials on the basis of fiberglass-plastic.

One of the main advantages of DMRL-C in comparison with a composite reflector in comparison with similar radars made of metal is its small weight which allows to optimize the design of the rotary device, and to increase service life of driving mechanisms. Besides, composite materials have smaller temperature expansions factors and increase invariance of the antenna device signal of the radar which considerably increases accuracy of measurements, at the same time reflectors made of composite materials have the same strength characteristics as similar reflectors made of metal.

Production accuracy of the reflector' s surface is controlled by a 3D scanner and its RMS-error is less than 1mm from theoretical surface along the entire surface area of a reflector. Allowable temperatures range is from -50°C to +50°C.

In comparison with foreign analogs DMRL-C is competitive when it comes to its production cost and performance data.

Radome for DMRL-C Doppler Meteorological RadarThe measurement standard deviation 3D scanner SURPHASER 25SHX IR_X
Standard deviation from the theoretical surface of the reflector
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